Cannot clear the icon while in a list Parameter name: value

Converting discussion to issue: As per jquintus: I get a compiler error in the designer when I add an appbar button in Xaml. The cod...

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Duplicates with INotifyPropertyChanged

When binding ButtonsSource or MenuItemsSource to a viewmodel implementing INotifyPropertyChanged, duplicate buttons and menu items appear when the bound property changes. This occurs because the e...

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Tap event not fired

I'm using the bar to bind my buttons to some commands, but one of them has to be bound to a code-behind tap handler. The command binding works fine, but the Tap event is not fired. Of course, th...

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Would it be possible to make visibility bindable for BindableApplicationBarButton as well? For example: <bar:BindableApplicationBarButton Text="Delete" IconUri="/Asse...

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Call detach buttons BEFORE set DataContext to Null

<p>When you set DataContext on Bar to null then button OnTextChanged firing with empty value and there is exception that &quot;text can not be null&quot;. So i think you need to remove buttons firs...

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Binding to the IsMenuVisible property does not work

<p>For example:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Shell:SystemTray.IsVisible=&quot;{Binding IsMenuVisible, ElementName=AppBar}&quot;</p> <p>...</p> <p>&lt;Bar:Bindable.ApplicationBar&gt;</p> <p> &lt;Bar:Bindabl...

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Empty space after menu item is removed

<p>When I remove a menu item, the application bar has the same height = empty space for the menu item is still allocated.</p>

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Buttons.Clear() does not work

<p>When I want to modify buttons observable collection bound from ViewModel I have to use Remove/Add methods. Clear method or to set a whole new collection (and rise property changed) does not work...

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Allow specifying buttons/menu items for specific Panorama/Pivot items

<p>The &quot;Advanced ApplicationBar&quot; from Sheriev Akhmed ( has a feature that allows to specify ApplicationB...

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<p>IconUri only get images that are Content, doesnt work with Resource images</p>

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